Olson Face Mask cutout template

I decided to change the settings. Once I did that, it worked. I think it’s because I was going crazy and ready to give up! Thank you so very much for your help and your responses. I had initially joined a FB group and asked a question once…I was told to figure it out myself so I never asked anything again and deleted my post. So thank you for having patience and helping.

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You are lucky you caught us in a good mood here! :wink:

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It’s posted in the topic. Right click on the image of the jig. Save as.PencilJigblank Just select all the test and put your own in.

Here it is blank. Good luck. Let me know if you need any more assistance.

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Has anyone made a cut file for an insert to this mask. Was thinking of cutting some towels or terry cloth to place in the inside pocket.

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DO NOT use HEPA filters that contain fiberglass. These particles will get into your lungs causing more long term issues than COVID (Look for YouTube video on this subject). Merv9 or better furnace filters are better. Check contents!


I cut the fabric directly on the glowforge, it was perfect. Thank you,


good afternoon I just received my Glowforge plus and am have a few issues. if you a few min. can you please guide me on how to set mine to cut patterns out of fabric? many thanks. Juliana

I just used the setting provided at the top of this post.

HxW = Height and width

I just saw this… this is what I do and you could definitely do this with your template.

Making acrylic templates, using rotary cutters and FILTI face mask material

This has worked VERY well for me and I bought the zig zag Olfa blade so that the fabric doesn’t ravel. It really does make it quick to cut out fabric.

@ryancolts1988 I would recommend using something that is apt to block a lot more particles than a towel. You can make a lot of mask inserts with this filter (the company’s background is in home filtration but adapted their business for the pandemic and made face mask material).

Face Mask Material

I apologize … I thought I posted this a month ago and just got back on the tablet I use only occasionally and apparently I got interrupted and didn’t post.

Go to their website and read the specs on their material, it really is much better than a towel in filtering out particles.

We also use the nose bridge from a US veteran owned company and absolutely LOVE them. They show adding them to the outside of the mask (which you can) but I make a little pocket and sew it inside and it washes great (no rusting). Metal Nose Forms/Bridges which is great for those that wear glasses or just so it can fit your face better.

If you have any questions, let me know! I would prefer my filters not to get dirty (by having dust or whatever blow over them in the GF) … fast and easy to cut with a rolling (plain) OLFA blade and cutter.

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