Anyone near Omaha Nebraska?

Here you go, might be useful. Sometimes people put usernames in the map.

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Hey Atlanta Glowforgers - I see there’s about a Baker’s Dozen of us in the area.
Anybody want to set up a meet up, Facebook Group or whatever?

Hey @dougwolfson. I am in Omaha too. New user here. Was just about to start a thread to see if there were any others around here and see if anyone found a good source for wood.

Seeing how my Proofgrade Order didn’t go so well I need to find some more sources. Between warped boards, chipped corners and low quality control on the sides its got me pretty down figuring the cost.

I checked out Millard Lumber but they didn’t have much in the smaller thicknesses. I did call Intermountain Wood Products and found they carry Baltic Burch, Walnut and some others in 1/4" or 6mm thicknesses but they don’t cut it down so need to find a way to get 5’ sheets home.

You found anything local thats been consistent?


Hi! I have gotten wood from Woodcraft of Omaha, mostly baltic birch plywood. They have a selection of hardwoods mostly 3" by 24" so you have to cut it to fit. They have large plywoods such as maple, walnut etc. but they do not cut it. I have gotten some thin maple wood there too. most of this wood is either 1/8 or 1/4. They can order wood too. I have gotten wood from home depot and lowes mostly plywood and they will cut it to size. I just ordered from an online site called green valley wood products. The proofgrade I have gotten has been good, maybe you got a bad batch. I would love to get together over coffee sometime to compare notes. Let me know if you have interest. Good luck, Doug 402-968-6364


Woodcraft has been on my list of places to hit. Was not sure if they were still in business here, their store locator shows no stores locally when State or Zip code is used but when you look at the full list of stores its listed so must be an error on their part.

Woodcraft is hit or miss and quite expensive. You’d be better off using online shopping for hardwoods, ocooch and green valley and Richards craft woods and west penn and so forth.

As for ply, I won’t get into it here but you can buy online. Search the forum for “Baltic source”, there are lots of online options.

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Stopped by Menards to get some wood and was talking to an employee about not seeing any 1/8" and 1/4" MDF anymore. He said someone bought out all they had and all the other stores around here since he heard they were switching to hardboard instead, said he was a laser guy. So is the “laser guy” from Omaha in this group? :rofl:


Not me!