On air, and acrylic repair

So I made an on air sign.

The two passthru spots it successfully did are slightly off(in opposing directions) but good enough at a distance. I’m even wrapping them in led lights with an RF not an IR remote and will put it all in a frame.

If you look inside the circle, there is a vertical engrave that got stuck in the wrong spot when that super long area that sticks out the back, was …ran into. Quick cancel and start over but there it is.

Would heat gun treating the location work to smooth that back over? Should I look at sanding and buffing it out?
(I might not care as the distance it’s meant to be viewed at will be substantial but, as a crafter I’d like to know how to make it better.)

Also, would a gradient fill of some kind resulted in a better lit product(centered middle of mic and lighter outward) or would that mess too much with the image of the mic?

(I still have to clean and buff it all anyway. Crazy acrylic dust.)


I have no idea how to answer your questions, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I do understand about wanting to get it right. I wrestle with that all the time in my knitting. Do I rip it out and fix the error? Will anyone see it while galloping by on a horse?


It’s in here:

It only got a couple of strips in before I hit the button to pause and then cancelled it but it’s there.


I think just about anything you do to try and repair that will make it worse… Light will reflect off the “fix”…


Novus Polish. But try it on a scrap that you engrave that line in first.


Fair, and I have a time of 1, 2, and 3 at my part time job. Use it on business desk phone screens all the time.

You may very well be right.

I definitely would not have seen it until you pointed it out.
But I know you will see it so you want to fix it.


I get it…that would drive me absolutely nuts! I wouldn’t be able to rest until I either figured out how to fix it or until I could make the decision to just toss it.

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It’s a great sign - and I love how it looks lit up!

There is also the option of adding an inner circle - you’ve got the space and it would run right over that oops.


Nice sign!

Lol. I can surmise exactly how that would turn out…



I would not touch it and if you don’t mention it no one will notice.

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I think it looks great! If it bothers you, you could infill with a tiny bit of uv resin. There are many inexpensive ones available from Amazon, and it’s a handy thing to have in your toolkit.


For the detail on the mic interior, maybe try engraving the interior lines a little deeper than the outer lines.

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That’s where I was thinking to implement a circular gradient centered on the mic which would do such. Black center fade to gray outer. Then use the outline of the mic to trim all the excess gradient fill.

Next time. And there will be a next time. Just have to build a frame now to put it all in. I got the wood from Lowe’s, got 2 8’ wooden corner protector molding and 1x1s to hold it in place. A couple of 45* cuts, glue, brads, and possibly finish it off with black 3.0 to really disappear the frame.


I have pointed out some flaws in projects to the wife.
She asked me to stop. I have (mostly).

She has a valid point. Never notice until pointed out and then it is all you can see.
So I will learn and move on (in silence with my faults, lol).

That On Air will be noticed for the big picture it is. Looks awesome.


A fellow wool spinner used that phrase one day, and it gave me so much insight I began to get over my pursuit of perfection. What a way to put things into perspective!


My mother used to say that, too…

And I agree…it lends new perspective


I read it in a knitting book I think.

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