On one of the GF product videos I saw the Breadboard Laser Designs for sizing amounts and portions?

On one of the GF product videos I saw the Breadboard Laser Designs for sizing amounts and portions?

Where is that on the free Design Page?
Thanks in advance?

Bill Kessinger

Hi Bill!

You might want to take your email address out of your post. :wink: I’m going to move this over to the “Everything Else” section, since “Free Laser Designs” is for sharing your designs with the community.

Unfortunately even there you probably won’t get a response from Glowforge, since the only part of the forum they monitor is “Problems and Support.” Posting there opens a support ticket, which gets their attention. Moving an existing post into it won’t do that, though, so you’d have to create a new post there to ask them directly. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, there’s always the chance someone in the community will know something…was this in the original ad campaign?

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Just did thanks

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I don’t recall the breadboard you’re referring to, but by chance are you referring to a kitchen conversion file?

Here’s several examples.

Thanks all. Not what I saw in the Glowforge video but thanks

Ooh – go to your Glowforge dashboard (app.glowforge.com) and click on the little gift icon in the upper right. Is that the breadboard you were looking for?


That provides only what GF is offering currently for this month. It does not allow you to go back for past months. But thanks anyway.

The offering for THIS month is what you described. It’s the only cutting board/bread board they’ve offered, to my knowledge.

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I mean, sheesh, I went to the trouble of tracking this post back down to tell you about it. At least go CLICK on the dang thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

??? This is crazy as as of yesterday I clicked on that ICON and it was something to do with “Bats”.
And yes that is exactly what I was looking for.



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Each design giveaway is available for a month, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! It’s not licensed for reprinting (as you can see in the lower-right corner copyright notice). Be sure to grab it when it’s available.


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