One Button to Rule Them All

As a LOTR fan, I had to do it:


like the EYE. Nice touch

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That’s great! Very creative.

Looks Great!

Made me think of

Eye of Sauron


Love this!

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That was awesome!

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Nice! :grinning:

That is just delightful!

…and it’s glowing! Creative idea.

What a creative idea. Love it.

My wife is also a Tolkien fan, and I had a similar inspiration to make a One Ring themed button cover. While posting my attempt I found your fantastic button cover. What an awesome mix of color you were able to achieve!

My try:


That’s amazing! :smile:

That is beautiful!

That was well worth the extra steps to view.

Great Job!!

Dang that’s what I had planned on doing with mine. I need to think of something new. Yours looks great!