One glowing ring to rule them all


A colleague (who is the cardiac surgeon who is working on the simulator that I showed at MFNY with me) just got engaged this week. And since I am seeing her today for another simulator we are debuting, figured she needed something from the GF… (the O is actually complete, but for some reason won’t photograph as a complete circle). I didn’t know if the light would propagate up the arms of the ring to illuminate the text, but it does a really nice job. Standard :proofgrade: clear acrylic on stock settings.


Looks great! (And congrats to the newly affianced couple!) :grinning:


What a fun gift! Looks awesome!


Cool! Give them my congrats.


As an additional present I let her stick needles into my liver simulator (a whole lot of gallstones in the gallbladder there - there aren’t supposed to be but that’s what they do look like in real life, that’s really wax that failed to burn out of the mold… The big white square at the bottom is the “small intestine” and only a tiny amount of dye made it to there so back into the oven for another firing…





Great work on the ring and big congrats to the couple!

“Liver Simulator” sounds like the kind of PC game I never knew I wanted until you just mentioned it.


And here is a screenshot!