One more 12 Days gift done

I think I am about done making things for Xmas. These are the last two things on the list. Although I may make a Sorting Hat dangle for the bookmark.


Ohhhh! Love the bottom one! :smile:


If you knew my daughter, it would be funnier. She has grown up to be a great person.


Once I think I am through making things for some holiday / event / whatever, I always manage to come up with more to make :slight_smile:
Is the bottom one a gift card holder?

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Yes it is. The holder is in the glowforge catalog. The graphic I got of the internet. It easily hold 2 cards, 3 would be snug, I doubt 4 would fit as described in the catalog. Very easy to make. There are 2 separate files, so don’t make the mistake I did. When you download them, they may not be next to each other.

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A sorting hat dangle would be epic—do it!

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You asked for it, you got it. The string is a thin piece of scrap leather


You know there are some books where you can remember the exact moment you read a certain part. I remember the sorting hat scene in the first book like it was yesterday. It was the most thrilling part. Of course the whole banquet was the bomb.


Haha! Came out great!


Love the sorting hat! My daughter would love anything HP for their HP room. Too many projects this year. Definitely need to hook her up next year.