One Of Many Little Projects Around The House

I’ve done about 10 or so little projects around the house with my GF. This was last evening, made out of tempered hardboard from home depot. Total cost was around $7.50 in materials for a custom fit snack drawer sorter. Hardboard is ideal for this kind of stuff because the walls are merely to divide and not weight bearing. Thanks to @ timjedwards for sharing his settings as a reply on a post titled Tempered Hardboard From Home Depot!

That drawer used to have some metal bins I picked up at Container Store for much more than I spent on this and they really didn’t utilize the vertical space well. It may not look like much but that drawer is well over 26" across and about 18" deep so it was a lot of wasted space.

Took an hour total, but to be honest most of that was just waiting around while GF did it’s thing on each section I had cut to size plus margin in the garage, because there’s 14 total cutouts (worked with two 2’x4’ sheets).

All in all, it’s amazing to see little things come together, and now I can utilize those Container Store bins somewhere more fitting for their talents.


Solving an organizational challenge with the Glowforge is so satisfying. Now I am hungry. You have a great snack drawer.


Used to be snack drawer and snack counter above and snack in the other area. NO MORE.

I think next I’m going to make a special setup to hold those tiny chip bags you get in assorted packs. I mean, there’s no easy way to keep those things uncrushed and yet easy to find while not taking up too much space. I always feel dread opening the pantry door because I imagine it’ll be like one of those pranks where you open the door and out comes a million ping pong balls, only chip bags…all getting crushed…noooo. I think I just self-diagnosed I have Anxiety.


This is a good practical cut.


Toss on a couple of magnets and it could sit on the side of the refrigerator if you have a steel refrigerator. The bags usually have holes for sales racks that you could take advantage of.

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That’s great! One part of life under control!

Where do you keep the potato chips??? :potato:

The tiny bags that come like 20 in a pack? In the panty. But when there’s a child around it doesn’t always stay in the bag. I’ve become a big fan of the phrase “everything in it’s place”. To me, that means if you have a Place for everything, it makes it much easier to stay organized and frankly takes much less time. Life is busy enough, and I’d rather take (a longer than I should) time to organize one place if it means for the next 10 years I don’t have to think!


Too true - it’s great when the Glowforge can add to the general organization of things. :grinning:

Speaking of Under Control. My livingroom had become a breeding ground for game controllers. I swear they’re mulitplying! I guess that’s what happens when everyone prefers and buys their own system, we have XBox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. All with controllerS.

I made a quick and dirty storage solution that holds them all at a 45 degree angle like a 40" long display and fits on the lower shelf of the coffee table and it’s been miraculous. I really intend to flesh it out more as it’s really just a shell and add a back to it, then line it with felt. So far it’s been working fine with just finger joints and glue.


Umm, I almost never question another’s life choices, but maybe you should put your potato chips in your pantry until you can laser them a cubby. :blush:


Another great organization project—I’m a big fan of them!

Great idea!