One of the coolest coffee tables ever



Duffs in Londen created this coffee table that just a giant elevation map. Though the glow forge couldn’t do the scale (unless you pieced it) I like the way they used acrylic with the wood. Has an incredible effect. Wonder how well it would downscale.

ocean coffee table


I’m in love with all of their topo tables!! Definitely want to try something similar at a smaller glowforgable scale. I’m hoping blue acrylic sheets can achieve a similar effect- I think the table may actually be using glass (which makes it even cooler in my opinion haha)


I really like how they contoured the outside too.

I bet this could scale down nicely.


Agreed!! There’s just something about stacked topo- looks so sleek and solid!


I think that with careful piecing (most joints under another layer) you could do something like this on a gf. Although it depends on the material, one of the things about a laser-cut joint is that it’s pretty accurate. So you don’t need a lot of filler.


This is the type of stuff I really love – it’s incredibly beautiful and useful.


I made a coffee table a bit like this too, on my laser. I put a minecraft spin on it though. It’s a really effective technique


I could see using the higher up layers to hide joints on the lower pieces.


Have we seen the size of the cardboard globe?


This is an Awesome Table! :grinning: I am super excited to do some maps.
I will probably focus mostly on maps from old games. like the Ultima Series of games.
Thanks for sharing this cool image.

@scatterbrains - I like your idea of… [quote=“scatterbrains, post:8, topic:3130”]
using the higher up layers to hide joints on the lower pieces

Here are a few other threads that have some more info on making Topographical Maps.


Love love love this… Big fan of minecraft AND Star Wars​:grinning::grinning:


One of the things I find most interesting about this piece is how it looks like they layered acrylic all the way down inside of the topo. You can see the refraction on the edge of the pieces on the contour lines deeper in the coffee table. My guess is they found a light blue acrylic and just layered it causing each layer below to get just a little darker, created a more profound sense of depth than if the layers were just painted.


Its the same as I saw, this gave me the idea that I can use this technique to don’t lose time painting the wood when someone does topographic maps, maybe you will need more material but less work, painting, and time trying to fit everything because you only have to put the white parts in the blue ones


Your Minecraft table is beyond awesome.


The one thing I can’t imagine is how incredibly heavy that table probably is, especially with acrylic layered all the way down through. The wood alone would be heavy, but man oh man, can anyone say, “pass the aspirin” if you ever had to move it.


:heart_eyes: Bathymetric charts have been on my list since the kickstarter. Great to see it done exactly how I’d imagined doing it and that it came out so great.


I love these tables, as well as these cut glass sculptures.

I’ve been playing with similar things, but on a much smaller scale (3-4 inches). I’ve been using poured resin in wood milled on my Othermill, along with 3D printed bits.

I’ve been thinking about using the Glowforge to cut acrylics to fit the negative space I mill out, since the contours and depths are known. Putting vertical slices can allow wave-like texture on top, like some of the glass pieces. I can also envision putting mirrored acrylic on the bottom layer for an added…something (it looks cool in my head :wink: )


Those look awesome!! Tiny little desktop landscapes, like little zen gardens haha. I love the vertically stacked glass shown in the link you shared- so dynamic and cool looking.


Anyone see this table?

Some amazing work.