One of the single MOST frustrating things

Is the inability to UNGROUP items in the user face after it groups them! I am getting pretty frustrated with the fact that I group my designs so that they fit into the workspace and exactly the way i want them and then when I upload them the interface then groups them all together so that I cannot separate it back the way I want it.! I use different colors for different steps, I separate my groups far apart from each other… it doesn’t matter. I’ve even bought files that the interface then groups! At this point I am having to separate my designs into multiple save files and upload them individually…THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Dear Glowforge, if you are going to group my designs AT LEAST add an option for me to ungroup them OR better yet GET RID OF THE GROUP FUNCTION.

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Which software to you use? I use illustrator and I do the same thing but I leave things ungrounped/unreleased in there before I bring it over. I’m sure it’s similar in other software

I can’t figure out what you are referring to from your description. I am able to move parts of my designs that I upload, or move the whole thing. I use colors to set the steps, but even parts of the design that are the same color can be selected and moved independently of other parts of the design. I suspect that the problem you are having is related to how you use your design software and not how the GFUI functions.

This sounds like the color grouping function. all of the lines you are talking about being grouped are the same color right?

The best recommendation is if you don’t want it grouped, change the color. It is common for me to have 5 or more colors in my designs. This is because I need to have things cut and engrave in a specific order. All of my colors are grouped together though.

This is also a piece limit. Few people hit it but at some point the GFUI does start grouping things together. I don’t know what that magic number is.

I’m confused… If you have them where you want them, why do you need to move them?

Also, make sure you don’t have any other enclosed in another shape.

Thanks for the suggestion-- I’ll make sure the team gets them. I’m going to move this to Everything Else so the discussion can continue there.

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