One way to avoid excess scrap


Design such that there isn’t much. The design is 19x10.5 inches

This is the top and sides with add ins. Still have to do the bottom that I could not fit into this cut.


What about all those little cutout bits? You gonna waste those? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(Totally joking.)


Ha ha–I was thinking the same thing. “You could make a tiny necklace out of those spots! Or little keychains!”

I have a scrap hoarding problem. :roll_eyes:


Enough to fill a pair of maracas, or a rain stick ?
John :upside_down_face:


The little cut out bits all got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. It has an old C_pap hose attached so it is small and maneuverable for getting into small places. Every single crumb was loose and the whole thing came apart easily and without burning anywhere (except a little minor blowback). A very rare event unfortunately. If only most cuts were that way. I used 140 _ full power on lauan mahogany plywood, but I have used those settings etc before to nowhere as good a result.

The crumbs are longer in the thickness of the plywood than they are across in the majority.

I was disappointed with the pencil holder not having fingers and of course could not modify the file so I made these from scratch for an LED candle holder.


What a great idea for the c-pap hose I retire!


I came to this thread totally thinking you’d come up with yet another small thing to use up scrap.
This is much better, just design to leave very little.


Room for at least four ROUND TUIT coins in that circle.

Always handy to give out to procrastinators.


Ooh! I hadn’t thought of that one!


I too am a scrape hoarder. Very few pieces hit the trash can.


Come to think of it, the very tiniest bit that get sucked into the vacuum do end up with the coffee grounds fertilizing the plants. The cinnamon tree had not put out leaves in a year but fed some coffee and the new leaves were out in a week.


So there was a piece I read about 3D printing joints for aluminum extrusions recently where the writer also printed little flat strips to hold the nuts in place inside the extrusion slots. You could totally laser those…





A friend has a small restaurant on Nantucket and asked for some ROUND TUIT “coins”. Consumed a bunch of scrap making these. :slight_smile:


Conveniently I have a box maker. Unfortunately I forgot to adjust the material thickness, but the scrap pieces don’t seem to mind. The itty-bitty pieces go into the small shop vac.

So far using the larger pieces to distribute the forces when clamping seems to the most popular use of the larger-smallish stuff.


This is my number scrap cup from the Fleet Kits. I just can’t get myself to throw them out.


I wish the small box said “Smaller Scrap” :smile:


That would be small scrap, tiny scrap, itsy bitsy scrap, crumbs, and dust :grinning:


Dust storage bin, aka every flat surface