One (wo)man's scrap, is another (wo)man's treasure


Picked up two new trash bins. They where, of course, identical to each other. I kept getting asked. Which one is trash, which is recycling? Despite using a mnemonic ([R]ight for [R]ecycle) no one got it. Jump in the :glowforge: and scrap material to save the day!



I had several 3" round plywood cutouts from another project as well as enough acrylic to make the symbols.

Voilà magnetic badges that sit above their respective receptacles.

Might as well make something for the bathroom to boot.

Because everyone is welcome in this house!


I’m not even OCD and I want to sand that paint blob down.


There is no paint. Just plywood, acrylic and glue.


I think perhaps they meant on the door (background).

Nice signs.




Haha, yeah. Gotta love flippers!


We can tell you don’t have OCD. Those with OCD would want to sand down the smaller paint blob on the right as well.


Yeah, the acrylic and wood make a nice visible contrast. :grinning:


Or at least sand them to match! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! I hope that does the trick.


Especially love the trash and recycling signs!


That bathroom sign is everything :hugs::ok_hand: