Online Data Processing Rate

Since GF units will require cloud base data processing (aka Internet connection) in order to work, I have a couple of questions.

  1. What is the transfer/download rate? How long will it take to download/process a typical cut sheet (assume I am cutting 1/4" thick acrylic) using the max cut area.

  2. Does GF plan to charge for data usage?

The thickness has nothing to do with processing, it’s a simple command.
It’s more about how many points your file has.
The circle of the left uses 8 points (very efficient)
The circle on the right uses 400 (very bad)

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The limiting factor on download/upload is your specific internet connection speed (Cell data service, DSL, Fiber, etc). I’m pretty sure your question is what are the size of the total data packets and how much elapsed time for the cloud processing. I won’t post a guesstimate. Here are earlier replies.

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Fortunately it’s pretty robust; we’ve had terrible internet and, while it takes a minute to load, it works eventually. We’re also designing it to work with things like phone hotspots and the like. It’s not terribly data intensive right now.

Maybe I misread your post, so if that’s the case, My info does not apply to your question, but as a general rule, something to remember when you build is keep you curves as simple and as clean as you can.

If anything similar to most other devices, the data transmission should be fairly small. I really cant say how they are handling file transfers though, and if the glowforge units will be able to handle storing a full cut for a large job. From what ive read it seems that they have said very large jobs may be ‘streamed’.

This comes from a quote which says an internet connection is required, and larger jobs may pause if the connection fails. This again may be catering to those who have very limited connections

No, they wont be charging.

Well, they will probably not charge for any currently announced features, anyway.

We will definitely not be charging for any currently announced features.


Good point. That’s one reason that Vector files are so much smaller than Raster

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