Just a quick drop off a sign I did for a coworker who was taking an extended break. When I asked him who would be covering in his absence, he said “Everything goes to Roopa.”.

This is now mounted on his cube wall. :slight_smile:


I’m sure he got a major kick out of it!

Haha! Feeling a bit sorry for Roopa.

Chuckle! Me too! Roopa might want one of his own. :smile:

Roopa needs an “Ask [coworker]!” sign. :slight_smile:


Where would you get the lighting for that?

When her boss gets back, I’ll make one that says to ask him. :slight_smile:

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I just picked up something from amazon. I would probably pick a different one if I did it again. the strip I got has alternating red, green, and blue LEDs , but isn’t that bright overall, and doesn’t do the best color blending.

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