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Continuing the discussion from Preorder deal for replacement laser tube and/or air filter?:

Russ’s latest is an absolutely fascinating discussion of beam effects in acrylic. We have had a few post-mortem discussions regarding the post cutting and engraving artifacts of the Glowforge.

I assume we are going to have many more in the months to come.

Oodles of laser videos!

Yes his videos are great. I have learned a lot in the last few days from them. Mainly that, as with most things, there is a lot more to laser cutting than meets the eye, if you pardon the expression. My OD7+ googles arrived today so I hope the beam never meets my eye!


Yes. Anyone who does an end run around the Fed’s best efforts to protect us from ourselves - and modifies the case of their Basic Glowforge, needs to understand the hazard. The year we laser noobs have spent here has taught us the hazard of a class IV laser.
A “pop” in your eye that you can hear and feel is the vitreous gel in your eye boiling. Your first clue that you “shouldn’t look at the beam with your remaining good eye”.


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Jesus, that sounds…um…HORRIBLE!!! So, is that a permanent disability, then, or can it heal with time?



A laser boiled eyeball dies not heal. It’s permanent pirate time.


Oh Lord!!!


Nothing to be afraid of, as long as you are aware of the hazard.
A knife or a saw will lacerate you, but proper use of the tool and precaution eliminate the hazard.


True, but they don’t do that just from you looking in their direction, lol


Hahaha! Excellent point!