Opening inkscape in outline as default

I’ve been to the Inkscape manual pages, and found what I assume to be exactly what I want -
"inkscape/customization/configuration files"
where it says-
You can force Inkscape to start up in Outline Mode by changing the value of outline in the group id=“startmode” to 1.
I changed this, saved, then restarted the computer.
However, nothing has changed - it still starts in ‘Normal’ mode.
Has anyone succeeded where I have failed ?
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It does not appear to work for 1.0+

Those docs are from many years ago. I just hit 5 twice, and done.


What was it you just hit ? I don’t recognize the squiggly symbol !

Sorry… it’s the “command” symbol on Mac. Might be CTRL on Windoze.

You can tell how much it’s used by the wear on my key-caps…


I use Ubuntu :upside_down_face:but I’ll try Ctrl !
EDIT omg what are your fingers made of ?!
EDIT 2 I do have a second version, with both 1.1.2 and a newly loaded 0.95.
Problem now is how do I change the config file on 0.95 ? Need to experiment :roll_eyes:


Yeah that is annoying, I thought maybe you could get it to stick with a custom template, but the template I created didn’t save the view mode.

Found this:

Seems it’s known but deprecated.

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Thanks for that heads up. I’ll not waste any more time pursuing this.

You can make a custom keystroke for it, if the control-5 is a pain to do. You can make it any keystroke you want, as long as it’s not already being used…

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I’ve had another look at the GitLab link you posted, and wondered if I could follow their path.
However, I’m not sure how to find the file mentioned here opened %userprofile%\Application Data\Inkscape\preferences.xml and I wondered if this is a Windows path, rather than what I can find in ubuntu ?

Same MacBook Pro for 8 years now. Quad core i7 w/16GB RAM & 512GB SSD. Only computer I’ve used since I got it, for work and personal, and work was mostly on the computer.

Only issue (besides worn key caps) was replacing battery a few years ago. Easy to do and only $43 from Amazon.

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The %userprofile% is a windows thing. It’s a shortcut for c:\users\<current_username>\

Closest linux analogy would probably be $HOME.

For more info:

Possibly has “piss hands”. Adam savage introduced me to the term on an episode of Corridor Crew on YouTube. Apparently he has it and it’s an FX term for people whose body oils turns foam yellow.

Personally, my hands can peel the print off of magazine paper.

You all may now return to the scheduled topic.

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