Opinion on new photos

Can I get some of your opinions on some newer main photos I been working on for my designs? Etsy changed the layout of the photos in my shop and cut off my old photo layout. Here’s just a handful of new ones I been working one to see what you think. I just want them to look good. Their new layout is square in the shop and then 4:3 in search results so I kept a bleed area on these new ones so it’s perfect on both areas this way.


Not bad, the branding is good stuff.

The digital laser files badge is nice and visible at this scale and I’m not sure you need to worry about how it renders at smaller scale like a logo — it’s probably going to be on product images only so I think you’re good to go there. Are the colors for that badge in line with your main brand marks, e.g. purposefully similar or intentionally different complementary colors? Might be worth considering if not.

I also like the way you illustrate material thickness, nice and clear — fully understandable with the right amount of information. Have you mocked up any with more complex material requirements, and if so does the concept scale well? Seems like it would.

Ever plan to do print with these? If so you might want to check that your marks will print accurately in CMYK space. Might also be worth using a colorblindness simulator to ensure that it’s legible to all kinds of potential customers if you haven’t already.


All good info. The colors with my shop are black and yellow and white so that was intentional.

As far as other materials I did do a mock up for those for acrylic but I made it universe so I didn’t have to do multiple colors.
Here’s one with just acrylic:

Then here’s what I do with my mixed acrylic and wood:


Yeah it does scale well for multi materials. Nice work.


I think they look fine.


I love them all but the second one. It sort of looks like you just shot it with some bokeh as a snapshot. I know that’s not what you did…all the others look amazing. Just my 2cents :slight_smile:


I love that you are using these callouts on your images. As someone who has bought digital files on Etsy, I appreciate the informative angel of this presentation. They look great!


Thank you. It helps cut down on questions as well too.



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