Option to buy 3D printed grid line up jigs

You can still 3D print the jigs I use to line up a grid in your glowforge yourself with the design file, but for those who do not have access to a 3D printer and are interested in acquiring them already 3D printed, I have found a great option. A local FRC robotics team has a 3D printer (and a glowforge) and they are happy to print and sell the jigs as a fundraiser. They are selling them $35 and that includes shipping. If you are interested, just email their adviser at: Brickhilldesigns@gmail.com

I am moving and so I will have to redo my grid for my machines. I will make it a live online event and others can follow along and make a grid as well or ask questions. Just make sure to have something to line up your grid (like the 3D parts) and a sheet of material to print the grid on. I will post when the event will be and the links once I nail down a time but it will likely be the weekend of Feb 11th :slight_smile:

Here is the design file I am referencing: 3D design Grid Line Up Parts | Tinkercad


Good luck with your move! I think you’ll love Colorado.


We got here Wednesday and fell in love instantly!


Yay!! :partying_face:

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