Optional Tags for Topics now available

Not sure how long this has been live. Just noticed it today for me. I can go back and edit my other topics and put the optional tags in. Type the tag name and press enter. Then type another and enter. Is this just VIPs still?

Interesting- just noticing this feature now myself!

I got a notice that the board was updated yesterday. This was probably one of the updates

Any idea what setting you have that made you get a notice the board was updated?

The option to put in tags should exist for anyone starting a topic, and we Regulars can just add to them after the fact.

Not really a setting that us end users can change. But the notification is a full screen message.
I’ve seen this on other boards that also discourse.

Next time it happens I’ll take a screen grab of it.

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I always leave a browser window open with a glowforge forum page on it. If a new version is released it will show a popup for you to refresh the page to load the new version.

Ah, so only a notice while page is open. Ah well. I doubt many new things of note will go long without a mention akin to this one.

I wasn’t sure if all forum levels could do this too. I could move this the public forum to encourage everyone to tag away when making new posts.

That is a good call. The more tags are used, the more functional they become. The similar topics stuff at the bottom sometimes does a good job, but has a stronger preference for active topics than relevant ones.

I’ve seen the message 3 times over the last few days I think. I thought it may have been thread specific but this makes more sense.

Ah, thank you for the move. It was lovely!

I’m still trying to figure out how much more I have to read and post to become a regular grade member :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your biggest hurdle will be visiting the forum 50 of the past 100 days. It’ll be a while.

I’ve gotten that refresh page before.

Ah! this is why I could not figure them out when @dan first mentioned them. They were not live. great to see them.

I spent a little time digging last night and found the switch to turn them on. : ) Updates come regularly from discourse.org but that’s separate. You see them if you leave the window open, otherwise they’re silent.


Has the invite button always been there or is the shape or color different down at the bottom of the topic along with flag reply like buttons?

its been there. I tried to get the invite badge a while ago, but it only works when they have email invites turned on, which they dont. it doesnt do much other than let someone know they should look at a thread. I did invite a few people to a thread they hadnt seen yet just to try it