Optix cast acrylic safe to cut?

Hello everyone! Just got a message from a customer wondering if the acrylic that they have is safe to cut what’s my laser. Just wanted to run it by you guys. I looked through the PDF and don’t see anything wrong with it but more knowledgeable ask might catch something I missed.

Thanks in advance!


More eyes are better but it looks like acrylic to me.


It’s fine. Just Acrylic. Nothing to see here. Move along. :slight_smile:


Thanks y’all!

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If its the acrylic from home depot or lowes (can’t remember which) it cuts well, but stinks a lot. Engraves ok, but more clear vs the nice frosted look of proofgrade (and I can never keep cast vs extruded straight)

It’s extruded.

Cast looks like PG, engraves are frosted and it’s not as brittle. You can find cast at HD, just make sure it’s labeled that way. Otherwise it’s extruded.

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Not sure if they even sell cast but I have called their company and talked with the people who make it and they said their extruded is safe to cut so I have cut a lot of it with no issues but it doesn’t engrave well I only use it for windows. So if they sell cast yes that’s safe too.

Whether extruded or cast, Acrylic is Acrylic. It’s all safe to laze. But one is quite a bit more stinky than the other. I don’t know why since it’s the same stuff.


A little late, but I just used it. Stank so bad I had to flee the room. Worst part was the engraving was so clear. I wanted it for the frosted look. Might have to go for PG. Hope the shipping isn’t horrible.

It was extruded then, not cast acrylic. Use cast acrylic and the smell won’t be nearly as bad and you’ll get the frosted effect you were expecting.

You don’t need to get PG to get good cast acrylic. Practically any source of “cast acrylic sheet” will work. I use Amazon for a bunch of it. PG has a couple of items I can’t find reasonably easy so I get that (the green edge clear for instance) but other sources can provide a greater range of sizes & thicknesses.

Unlike wood, cast acrylic is pretty much the same everywhere.

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You might need to check your vent setup. Properly vented it shouldn’t make you flee.

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Unfortunately, the listing and data sheet say “cast” so either they are mis-labeling the product, or not all cast is equal.

That’s almost certainly the case. Besides the engraving results, another easy way to check is to see how it breaks. Cast is less brittle than extruded which will fracture with sharp edges and pointy ends.

Cast is almost always masked with paper and extruded tends to be plastic masked.

Chemcast actually seems to be the big manufacturer of cast acrylic and their masking has their logo.

I’m hoping you mean big instead of bug? :slightly_smiling_face:
The masking is TufGuard plastic. This stuff is called Optix - L Continuous Cast Acrylic. I got it from a local plastics distributor in Fort Myers. He even gave us some small pieces for free.

Adjusted it; it’s much better. :relaxed:

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An article I just read said that there are three kinds of acrylic: cell cast, extruded, and continuous cast. The latter is the kind I got and the engraving was not nearly as white as the cell cast (which I assume PG is) Cutting was fine, of course. I’m going to ask my supplier if he’s got cell cast.

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Newbie Question. Do I take the plastic off the acrylic before I put it in the Glowforge? Thanks in advance. Making S-hooks for the local fire department.

Its my understanding that the plastic helps with smoother cutting. I cut with the covering on and remove afterwards. But, thats just my opinion.


no, if the masking is plastic, take it off first. it’s only designed to protect the acrylic from scratches, it’s not good for laser cutting. you’ll just get additional residue.

if the masking is paper, it’s fine to leave on.