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It must be another stress point for the company to have distribution lines in such a predicament. Over the last few years I’ve had, on a 1-10 scale, service that was as low as…3 but definitely as high as 10 when it comes to this company. I’ve waited weeks without an update to an issue, and I’ve had my problem solved the same day, but my latest problem is somewhere in-between. I don’t blame the company for this latest one, and their every couple of days updates have been a welcome surprise compared to the crickets for a week or more at a time in previous years.

With all that said, I’ve been waiting to receive a part for my machine for nearly a month, the Friday before last it was confirmed to have been packaged and ready to be sent, but it has not. This isn’t a part I necessarily need to make my machine work properly (it is, but my part is limping along fine), so I’m able to still work, but the distribution of parts may take time.

This is a friendly reminder that if you expect them to be able to ship you a part, however crucial it may be, it may take longer than you expect. I’d suggest keeping a spare of a couple of parts on hand if you plan on having a busy holiday season, and now would be a good time to try to get those parts. If they get to you in a week, great, then you’ll have the part, but if not, you should get it before you put some stress on your machine.

I’m sure this will get overlooked by many, but if it helps keep one person running, then that’s good enough for me :+1:t4:


That’s bad service, but with the pandemic I’m not sure where to point a finger. Good advice to plan ahead though.


Excellent suggestion. Particularly if you are running a business with it. If it’s hobby use…not a bad idea but not critical. :+1:


I really was surprised by the updates, they didn’t have anything to add, but the fact that they would check in and let me know that it was still being worked on was a huge improvement to previous requests. The only ball that I feel was dropped was it seems as though multiple people are working on my solution, but not communicating with one another clearly. That Friday email said they’d planned on shipping it, then another Rep contacted me Tuesday saying they may have to find another source for the part (a part I hadn’t requested) because they were struggling to procure it. I emailed back asking what they meant, and the other Rep replied saying to disregard the latest, that the part was going to be shipped expedited. Not shipped yet, but again, I’m not in a tight spot so this is just the hurry up and wait game. Not great, but I wouldn’t point the finger at GF for their supplier not shipping the part as they expect them to (unless this is a deflection and they’re pulling my chain).

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If you need belts you can get them at McMaster-Carr it is a LL2MR06 belt 2000mm $24.21


Good to know, I don’t need them, but I may someday

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