Ordered proofgrade

And I have to say, I’m kinda disappointed… not in the proofgrade materials, oh no… but the fact that the box they come in doesn’t have a handy proofgrade sticker. I mean, I’m gonna have to program it in myself!?! MADNESS


The line between genius and madness is all too thin. And this observation is genius.



That would be so, so clever.

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I’d like to be able to make my own stickers with my own settings for whatever material I have.


This is brilliant!

It’s in the ‘hopper’ many times over. One of the challenges is that the QR code doesn’t contain the actual settings. It’s a six-character (?) reference code that presumably gets joined through a separate lookup table in the backend database that matches that particular material to the best known settings, that then get forwarded to your GF. This gives them tremendous flexibility in the case that a particular batch of PG requires a slight adjustment to the recommended settings. It’s been a number of months since they did this last, but it also allows them to change all the settings for all materials in one go.

To be fair, I figured the selfmade QR code generator things would be in the hopper. Once the holy scripture what tells the camera and lazer what focus height, pews and zooms, has settled down a bit instead of running off to whichever sect currently has the most nuns.

This was more of a “why not” type thing since its all coming from the same werehouse (watch out for them full moons) as the other proofgrade how difficult could it be to slap a QR code on the box as it rolls out the door? Other than our lovely postal system gettin bees in their bonnet about rogue barcodes/QR codes snarlin up their sorting robots, in which case, put it inside the box, where we’ll get to it anyway if we were so inclined, ya know needing to cut it flat afore inserting it in our house lazer.

To be honest, I’m just bein silly. I thought it was an amusing train of thought, didn’t think there would be legitimate complaints about the nature of the track. Its easy enough to use the internet rectangle and send the information seekin pixies to drag settings back to me.

“But we have a house lazer, how dare you expect me to find and enter my own settings! What are we BARBARIANS!” – Some rich person what doesn’t even pour their own drinks. Was more what I was tryin to evoke.