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I would like to bring your attention to smile.Amazon.com. I order(Ed) a lot from Amazon. A while ago, I ran across the smile.Amazon. Quite a few objects are eligible for this. What Amazon does is donate a portion to veterans from eligible purchases made on smile. Especially nowadays, I would like to ask the community, when ordering from Amazon.com to instead go smile.Amazon.com. You use the same login, there are no extra costs to you and you can help out veterans who need help, especially during the pandemic, rent evictions, health concerns. Let’s try to help out a group of people who have spent years of their lives in service to our country. Happy New Year!


It is not limited to veterans. There are many organizations that can be the beneficiary of smile donations.


Now that you mention it, you’re right, I just checked. I happened to select the wounded warrior project when I first set it up. Thanks for reminding me.

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Yup, You can choose your charity when you first use it.

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You can also switch anytime. I usually switch it up 3-4x a year.


Yep, I have been using this for years. There are many, many non-profits that you can select from for your smile.amazon.com donation. It is a small percent but everything adds up and it is nothing out of your own pocket.

My Amazon bookmark is smile.amazon.com that way I don’t even have to think about it.


Definitely a great way to support local charities and schools!


That’s what I do. Our smile donations go to my kids old homeschool campus. I loved the school so much that I kept it as the one receiving our donations.


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