Is anyone else having trouble with the orders? I received mine with only one walnut board missing 4 other items and the packing slip is basically SAYING ITS IN THERE.

Why is there no phone number for this?? We need to have a phone number for money spent and nothing received. So how is this resolved?

Have you tried using the chat?

Yes, Does anyone have a phone number for orders?

They don’t have phone support - they’re still a tiny company.
Use chat - or send an email. If you open a ticket in P&S they’ll close it and respond via email because they won’t discuss private items (money, addresses, etc.) in the forum

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I’ve never had any issue like that with orders, but stuff happens now and again. They will make it right. Just pop them an email.

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This is the 2nd order I was shorted on the first time I let it go. I was shorted a piece of Acrylic this time I will not let it go. Thank You thou. I have opened a ticket and got no response .

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I never let it go, so I’m with you. :slight_smile: They’ll take care of it, but it will probably take a day or two.

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Can someone answer me I did receive a 25.00 dollar gift card in my email. but now I have to pay shipping again for there mistake so I am still losing. This is just not fair practice from this company . I ordered 40 dollars worth of products and paid 9.00 for shipping. I received 7.00 dollars worth 1 walnut board then 3 weeks later I got a 25.00 dollar gift card. and now have to pay for reshipping. for same stuff, just don’t seem fair.

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I guess you could reach out to support again…

Email support, or post in Problems and Support, they do not usually monitor this forum.

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