Finally got my wheels on the table (I thought they came with it but did not so they came a week later) and built my material shelf. I didnt want to stop christmas production to do this but with 60 pieces of proofgrade coming this week I needed proper storage.


Great idea!! What is the stand you are using? I may need to get one of those.

The table?

Seville Classics Commercial NSF Stainless Steel Top Worktable 49 x 24 inches

I added the wheels so I can turn it all and use the pass through


Thanks, seems like a great choice. Might have to add it to my Christmas list. I like the wood holder you also did below- looks like 3/4" plywood?

I’m thinking of buying this from Lowe’s. Any recommendations? PGPNL-45819_4294937087?productId=1000604799

Had lowes cut them to 2ft sections since I’m tight for time and used a 2x2 sheet of ply I had here. Left me with 2 more shelves once I use a bit I may add 1

Link seemed bad

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