Organizing - still!

Slowly, ever so slowly, I’m getting my craft room more organized. And I have our new dog, Maggie, to thank for that, because of needing to “hide” stuff to keep her from chewing everything up!

This is just one cabinet (I have two like this). I am going to redo the honey bottle paints shelves on the right, making it a little wider so I can turn the bottles sideways so the shelf doesn’t stick out so far.

Just so much rearranging to do still! Ugh!



Wow, I only dream of being that organized. Even of I got there, one project and it would be all undone. I’m okay with that because I think I enjoy the chaos. :wink:


Looks very well organized


Nice! I’m ‘cleaning’ mine but it’s nowhere near this organized!


You only think I’m organized - because I haven’t shown you a picture of the rest of my room!! Or what I have piled up underneath the stairs! :rofl: :rofl:


Oh hey, that looks a lot like a Dreambox! A lot more affordable though. Nice job!


Thanks! I’ve looked at the Dreambox and the price is overwhelming! And every time I think of how they say they save so much space - yeah, because everything is stacked nice and neatly (how many keep it that way?) but you still need the same amount of empty space on each side of it so you can open the doors, otherwise the table is useless because you can’t get to it. So it takes triple the wall space. I think both of my cabinets would fit in the same space. I just don’t have all the cute little drawers and stuff they have, but I sure can make them with my GF!

And their table would be way too small for me. My craft table can open up to 10’, although I keep it at 8’. I keep my HP Laserjet printer on it, my laptop, and have my custom-made dual 12" masking/brown paper roller latched down on one end and 3M tape roller latched down on the other, with my 2x3’ cutting mat in the middle. I have plenty of space to work on. True it doesn’t hide everything (and right now it’s piled with stuff I’m still waiting to put away!), but it gives me plenty of room. :grin:


I love this!


Thank you! Still working on cleaning up my room. I’ll take a pic when I finally finish - might not be till next year! :rofl:


i totally get that! same here. But - progress is progress!

I have LOTS of work to do. But baby steps!!


6 separate little GF made organizers for on top of the filing cabinet by my work table. I’ve got them secured down with double-sided tape so they won’t move around. Allows me easy access to what I use most and finally got them off of my work table!

So now I have a usable work table instead of being all cluttered up. Yeah, it was REALLY bad. I’ve thrown some stuff away, put other stuff where it belonged, or moved stuff out of the way just so I could take a nicer photo! :sweat_smile:

The tape holder on the back left holds both a 12" roll of masking tape and a 12" roll of brown painters paper. We cut down a put a paper cutter on top to make it easy to cut both of them. My husband built this for me right after I got my GF. The 3M holder works really well too!


Hmm here in KY I took that to be a different kind of “Still”


:rofl: Although we do make our own wine and beer!


I made some Jalapeno mead once. It was originally imagined as a marinade but very little made it into the marinade. The taste gains richness over time and the burn drops off so aged for a year and it is amazing.


wow, jalepeño mead? (Why do I want to spell it meade? LOL)
I can’t even imagine what this tastes like but I’m intrigued! lol


Thank the American Revolution! Merriam Noah Webster thought that all those extra letters were just a part of the concept that the war was fought about and how you spelled mead was a sign of which side you were on.


If you spell it meade what does it symbolize?


In that time it reflected one’s Tory leaning much like today where choice of words reflects a choice of tribe.


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