Ornament Display

As some of you know, I have some of my wares in a local store. With the holidays being here, I figure it’s a good time to start churning out ornaments, but I needed a way to display them. Was sitting here thinking, and it was pretty obvious what I had to design. I wanted them to speak for themselves without someone needing to ask what they were sitting in a display case, so here we are:

I had used some birch ply from HD, but it was one sided. Can’t think of what the opposite side is, but it was a wood with a lot less grain showing, sort of like basswood. Anyway, colored it in with sharpie, which gave it a streaky look, but I like that it imitates the look of pine needles. The base is also Birch, but I stained it with some dark walnut stain, and finished it off with a thick acrylic piece. I didn’t want the tree to be too flimsy, so I doubled that up with a second Birch layer. I cut tiny circles to thread the ornaments’ string through and tied them off in the back. I wanted to keep the ornament selection down so I’m not bogged down with making ten different styles of ornaments, but I may add more to my Etsy since that doesn’t get as much traffic as the storefront.

Let me know what y’all think, I think I did alright! It’s also just a fun little decoration, so maybe I’ll make one for the house when it’s appropriate to put up Christmas decorations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Forgot I took a pic of before the coloring


Excellent idea! Will definitely add to sales in the storefront.


Great idea & execution–wouldn’t be surprised if the shop asks for some others to display other items than your own!

(And that reminds me I need to step up my displays for my in-person sales!)


It gets the job done perfectly! I like that it’s a bit whimsical and playful in feel. And the addition of the red balls means it’s not as noticeable when an ornament is removed.


Right! I I wanted it to be able to stand on its own without needing the real ornaments on there. I began to design tinsel on it as well, but that started to get too complicated and over designed.

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It’s cute!

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Kahuku red raiders! Awesome! Notch the tree and make it 3d like my pineapple and then there is more real estate for ornaments. Great job. I love the acrylic base. Now it just needs a light… or 1/2 acrylic Tree and a light. :slight_smile:

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