Ornament - Jeep Cherokee

I can’t seem to upload file, can someone guide me?!


Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

(The file is the little dot above the photo…the forum does that unless the SVG file is Zipped before it’s uploaded. Just right click it and choose Save As to download it.)


Ok, tested it but it only shows as a full black outline, ugh. Will try zipping.
Jeep Orn.zip (36.4 KB)


Here, I split it into three colors: engrave green, cut red, then cut black. I also saved it as an SVG that discourse should be happy with.


You know, that design would work very well for engraving on both sides so that it looks the same from the front and the back.

Just tape the backing material down on the bed (or pin it so it doesn’t shift), engrave and cut the first side, then turn the ornament over and engrave the back side.

Just make sure you use a shallow engrave so you don’t go all the way through. (Although that might look cool too…might have to play with that a little.)


I scaled it down to fit on some scrap, and the tree is very fragile at this size.
Also don’t have a proper xmas tree.


I really really like it.
I hope you won’t mind my remix… Commando style.
commando Jeep Ornament.svg.zip (42.3 KB)
For a couple of my brothers.


Just realized that those are tire tread marks… Those are great!

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Thanks! Newbie here on posting and perfecting my cutting lines/colors.

If you do it, post a pic! one hour tried my patience for 4 of them, luckily I have another laser that kept me busy.

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Love it! I appreciate any alterations…especially a JK (hint hint)

you could probably adjust your engrave settings to get the time down a fair bit. at the size I made it, it was about 8 minutes of engraving (per side) and about one minute of cut time.

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Nice! Really cute!

Thank you! My uncle made Jeeps for decades before he retired. He’s going to love this!

This is perfect for a good friend of mine! What material did you do it on? Thanks!

Just Baltic birch plywood

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