Other materials for PINS?

What other materials do you make your pins out of? Acrylic? Or….? My wood ones seems to strip down pretty quickly.

Also, other mechanisms for holding down materials? I know people use magnets a lot. Which ones are strong enough to hold down a 1/4” piece of maple? And where do you get them?

TIA ~ I did a a search for pins, and a million and one unrelated posts came up. :crazy_face:

Acrylic and any other scrap lying around.

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whatever scrap there is. it’s scrap, so if they break, it’s no biggie.

and hard drive magnets. like this (although i harvested my own from old hard drives before tossing them).


I use acrylic and they’ve held up well. I use the pin that only has the handle on one side (shaped like an L) versus the original one that was shaped like a T, and they seem to hold up better.

As far as magnets, neodymium are the type you need, but you have to be careful with them because if the laser head passes over them they can interfere with the fan and the laser will stop.


this is why the hard drive magnets with the metal plates still attached to the back are so effective. the metal plate completely dissipates the magnetism on top where the laser head passes over.


Presuming you’re asking about pins to hold down material I’ve been using the same plywood ones I made almost 2 years ago - I think I’ve broken 3 total in that time…

and I’ll second harddrive magnets with the metal plates on the back :slight_smile:


Is there a file for the L shaped ones? (I know I can make one, but don’t want to if it’s out there already)

Here you go:


Thanks so much! :pray:t3:

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I just recently purchased the ones @shop is talking about from another thread where he posted this. I had used magnets without issue but was afraid they would interfere and didn’t want to chance it. As he said, the metal on top keeps that part from being magnetized and they are VERY STRONG. Strong enough to hold down my baltic birch. Very happy with them!


I use these magnets. I try to keep them well away from the area where the laser will be cutting. They are VERY strong. :sunglasses:



I agree with the hard drive magnets and use them but I only have a couple so I had to buy some bar magnets, which I have had great success with. I use them around the edges as a rule and so far, no problem with the fan.

I got mine from Amazon – Heavy Duty Strong Bar Magnets - Ferrite Blocks Ceramic Rectangular Square Magnets


My pins were made out of Baltic Birch when I got my laser 3 years ago.

I also use magnets, around the edges of the board (left, bottom, and right) as needed.

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I’ve not tried acrylic for the hold down pins–I’ve used scrap maple ply or even fine MDF, but like the maple ply, though if you twist them at all, that will cause failure really fast! I’ve just had to resupply my bowl of them about once a year though–or faster if I really need to use a lot for any given project…

i always use magnets for thin leather and cardstocks, since I also want to hold down the material inside of the cutting lines–but I also use thin bar magnets sold for use in hand bag closures–sewn in between layers–not the sew-on “snap” type–as it was what I had available. They are 8-12lb I think, so I do use some stronger ones when working with thicker items & need area held down the pins can’t reach. But always do make sure they are at least 1/2" away from the laser’s path–often look at the image and go to my machine and adjust the location & rescan to make sure OK positions before printing.