Our materials storage solution

After 2.5 years of materials in various piles on the floor we have finally committed to a storage plan. This is the IKEA Ivar shelf with 12 shelves to create a flat file system with poster board “folders” for PG and other materials. I used the extra space on each shelf for shoe boxes of craft materials & equipment.


I like it.


I need this in my life

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Excellent solution. :sunglasses:

I don’t like it… Only because I’m jealous I don’t have room for it. Looks perfect! (I had to make my own shelves to go in my existing closet, and they overhang the enclosure, and it only looks good when the door is closed haha).

But seriously, that’s awesome!

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What are the dimensions of the shelves?

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33x12 or 33x20, you get to choose.

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Very nice! We have a few more shelves, and it just isn’t enough. Have had to make piles on the floor the last year or so for the excess.

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