Out for Delivery!


I got the My UPS notification that both Glowforge and Acessory packs are out for delivery!

My Girlfriend is working from home this afternoon to receive it, as I am on the Left Coast until Wed.

  1. Pro order 10/15/15 Golden ticket 10/25/17 Tracking received 11/14/17 Est delivery 11/21/17


Will you be serving custom engraved turkey on Thursday?




I fly in at 10PM Wed night IF all goes well. Then a 1 hr drive from the airport. Family dinner at 1PM on Thurs.

I’m not going to get much sleep!


Congrats, man! That’s great! I’m happy for you.


Congrats!!! A very thankful Thanksgiving for you :star_struck::star_struck::turkey::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


Mine is in the truck and should be arriving in the next half hour. Basic Oct 15th … golden ticket Oct 27th.



Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures !!!



I didn’t get a handle count. At Least one is missing.


In all its packaged glory … just like newborn.

3 of 4 handles in place … taping was also pretty good. Overall great shape with regard to the packaging. Now waiting for my friend to arrive and help lift into place. :glowforge::sunglasses:


I have a handle count of 2.


founders rule … something simple … and navigator wings on glass tile. All the usual calibration drama, the is it too loud stuff, SVG vs Inkscape vs Illustrator dilemma, and so on! BUT ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS IS ONE FANTASTIC MACHINE. :sunglasses:


That Saab logo looks great!
I have some serious Saab friends.

I had my girlfriend check the inside of the bag for leaks. It looks like it is dry. Yay!