Out To Lunch @Bob's Burgers!

It has been 4 months in the making, but I have finally had time to engrave my Bob’s Burgers themed “Out To Lunch” sign. I have my amazing wife to thank for the Burger of the Day pun. She is really good at that sort of thing. I am planning on making a Bob’s Burgers style “Open” sign on the reverse side!


:joy: the chalkboard makes this that much more amazing :joy:

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That’s awesome! :smile:

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Should have engraved inside his mustache! This is too great, your wife is a genius with that pun!

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Fabulous sign and pun!

Was this also made because a new season of bob’s burger is about to start?

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No, it was a project I started before summer.

That is really neat!

I like it.

Darn. Now I want a burger.

I’ve been craving a cheeseburger salad for days. I think that’ll have to be tomorrow’s lunch.

That is a design that is really “out to lunch”

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You make a great team!

Very cool, love the burger puns. The actor who does Bob’s voice is currently doing Arby’s commercials.