Outline feature - copy/paste but no cut settings copy

Hi All - I’m hoping this is an easy one for all of you Glowforge Gurus out there!
I have a small design that I would like to cut/paste multiple times
When I do the cut/paste (Command C then Command V on my mac) I get the desired images
The engrave setting details appear
The cut setting details do not
So if I have 50 widgets to cut, I currently have to manually enter in the settings for each one.
Any suggestions?
I am sooooo very new at this.

If the design you are copying contains a raster image (pixels) then unfortunately, you have to set the engraving settings for each raster image. (Just the way it works.)

If you want to do them all at once, you have to combine them into one big raster image, place the cutlines on top, and that has to happen in your outside design software. (It means you have to watch out for margins very closely…those are smaller for engraves.)

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If your design was made in an outside program like Inkscape I think you will not have to set each cut setting. If, however, you create the outline in the Glowforge interface, it appears you do have to set the cut setting for each widget. It seems unique to the outline tool. If you have a design to engrave and put it into a circle generated in the interface, both the circle (cut) and design (engrave) duplicate with Command V. This is something I had not experienced before you pointed it out.

Thanks for your response. So just to be sure I’m understanding you. I’d have to create all 50 widgets - both the engraves and cutlines and save as one image in Inkscape?

I am not sure about your cautionary statement - margins are smaller for engraves?

I really appreciate your help

Thanks for your reply. I did create it in the Glowforge interface. I also noticed the circles, rhombus, etc. worked but not the outline feature. That’s why I was hopeful that I was just missing something! I guess not…

If you are working in the Glowforge interface, you are going to have the best results by either sticking to the default Engrave and Cut settings, which don’t need to be changed or set up individually. Or you can set up a Custom setting and save it…then applying it is one click.

You are correct - each outline is considered its own print step, even though they are identical. The print settings should be “inherited” from the step they were copied from, but they are not.

This seems like a reasonable item to bring to supports attention. You can post this in Problems and Support, or send an email.

Generally, they can’t help directly with beta features, but there is no “official” thread for these features so that’s the only way to bring it to their attention.

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Those things that can be changed; the outline offset, the number and curve of geometric shapes, will allow you to set each one separately. where only size can be changed; circles, lines, the loaded designs, the included designs, needs only one setting, so has only one copy/layer.

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That makes sense.

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Easy enough - I will do that. Thanks again

What Jules meant was that in the Glowforge interface, the overall printable area available to you for an engrave is less than the printable area for cutting only. This is due to the need to slow down the head as it approaches the edges of the area, and the printable area is dependent on your settings. This smaller printable area is something you would need to be aware of when combining a bunch of individual designs to one big raster image in your design software—it might not fit in the printable window.


aaah now I understand. Thank you

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