Outside corner radius gauges

Metric and Imperial Outside Corner Gauges
(not kerf corrected)

(Updated with 90deg chords, not 180deg chords for proper corner measurement capability)

radius gauge metric corner
radius gauge imperial corner


As always, thanks for sharing.


Good idea. Presumably to measure corners you need 90 degree holes not 180 degree holes?


Thanks for sharing!

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I am certain this will be helpful for lots of users. Thank you.

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Thanks for the share, very useful!!

Thanks all for pointing out that these could not actually be used for a corner measurement. I have updated the design to only take out a 90deg crescent, instead of the previous 180deg crescent.


Thanks for notifying us of the update. I’ve saved the new one. :slight_smile:

OK, I will be the one to ask the stupid question. What are these for?


If you have a physical object that you are trying to model, most aspects can be fairly easily measured with calipers. However, trying to measure the diameter of a rounded off (filleted) outside corner is very difficult. With the gauges above, you simply place your corner into the recesses and see which one matches the best.


Thanks for the explanation. Now I am enlightened.

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Thank you! this is super useful and a thoughtful thing to share.

Great idea, thank you!

Thank you for asking because I was going to ask if no one else had. :smiley: My brain is tired and I had no idea what this was for! hahaha

Thanks @stoli! :slight_smile: I’m sure I’m going to run into something at some point and think - ohh there is a file on the Glowforge forum to use for this! :smiley:


Thank You, I will make one and use it. There are times in the past when it would have helped me greatly.

Same here. I had no idea what these were for.