Overseas warranty clarification

As well as a constant stream of DOA Glowforges there are also a steady trickle of machines that have been working for a few weeks or months but then need to be replaced. Support have been using the word “warranty” in both cases. The overseas warranty does not include shipping. Does that mean in cases of premature failure like we are seeing now an OS customer would face a $1000 two way shipping fee?


That’s a great question. I would be very interested to see what they decide. I would hate to think that after waiting so long as an international customer I would get a doa glowforge. Let alone then have to pay extra costs for that “privilege”.

I think Dan has said DOA machines will get replaced at GF’s expense. It is the ones that last only a few weeks or months that worry me.


Here’s a relevant post from dan about international DOA and warranty:

I’m pretty sure there was a clearer post from dan on this topic, but due to non-complete search results from discourse it’s not worth the time to search further.

Thanks for asking! If your Glowforge isn’t working on arrival, we’ll replace it immediately including shipping. If there is an authorized warranty claim after delivery, Glowforge will provide a Return Material Authorization label that must be placed inside the box. International Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.

For more details, you can read the warranty in full at glowforge.com/warranty.