Owners now, non-owners coming soon


Soon, we’re going to roll out the ability to invite others to use your Glowforge. They’ll get their own account, so they won’t be able to purchase things with your credit card and you won’t find their prints in your history. When that happens, they’ll be given forum access. However, they will have limited privileges - most notably, they can be removed from the site automatically if their comments are flagged.

In preparation for that, I’ve given you all the title of “Owners” and given you extra privileges to avoid auto-spam-filtering. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Multiple logins
Owner? Are you just being mean now?


There’s no option to change your title back to owner if you change it to Regular. Oops


Really? 2 whole hours and someone already beta tested the new feature. :wink:


I did the same thing :expressionless:


I don’t know the solution to that - perhaps someone from @discourse can help.


I think it has to exist as a badge in order to be selectable as a title. You might have to create an ‘owner’ badge and set it to assignable as a title.


Ideally you’d have an owners badge, which when granted allows the title. :wink:

Where did my owner tag go?

I was also about to do this, then saw that the dropdown said “<none>” and decided I’d hold back. :smiley:


Weren’t we supposed to get the “Founder” badge once our Glowforge was delivered if we ordered during the crowdfunding campaign?


I just want a " regular :maple_leaf: " title. Any chance of forgoing other major GF developments and designs to have that implemented? I think we can all agree the community as a whole would be happier.


Cool! just in time. Spouse and 12-year-old first in line…


Darn… (I’m holding out for EL CONQUISTADOR!)


I notic d that @rita no longer says staff, but owner now…