Pacific Northwest Glowforge Owners Magic: The Gathering Group


Or PNGOM:tGG for short! :wink:

Through some of the discussions I’ve seen I have determined that several of us Glowforge owners are also Magic: The Gathering players, and that many of those are in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle area!

I propose an M:tG meetup! Maybe we can make it a regular thing. I think focusing around the pre-release schedule would be a great idea… but the next one isn’t until January 14/15 for Aether Revolt.

Personally, I like drafting from time to time and my primary format is Commander. I’ve even taken those two to the next level and created a Commander Cube where we draft 60-card commander decks. And the next Commander set releases next weekend!

So, if anyone would like to gather and play some Magic, lets discuss it and organize it here!


I’d have to dust off the old decks (which are probably laughable now), remember how to play, and drive 4 hours up to Seattle. Maybe next summer for me. who knows, if I head up that way I’ll see if there’s some time to meet up and have you catch me up on all the new happenings.


How long has it been? There have been lots of happenings in recent M:tG history.


I was playing with old decks the last time I broke them out in… 2005, wow that’s been a while.


Yeah… that’s been a while. You might have some serious value packed away. Many of the older cards are MUCH more valuable than you might think they would be… so don’t go selling them without doing any research!


huh, never thought about that. I should probably see how much those first gen foil cards are going for now. I also picked up a weird “world changer” card that very few people had ever seen. I’ll have to dig them out and remember what’s in there. if I decide to part with them I’ll send you some picks to see if they interest you.


I sold off most of my cards when I was tight on money a year or two ago. They went for a surprising amount. I at least made back all the money I spent on them and probably a bit more than that. I did hold onto one deck as well as a couple big boxes of mostly worthless cards.


Back about 10 years ago I was getting into board games and hadn’t played MtG in a long time. I found an online shop that would buy my cards and give me store credit. I liquidated anything I had that was over $5 at the time. I got around $400 in store credit and bought a massive amount of board games… starting my board game obsession. Then about a month later, we started playing MtG again, and most of the most valuable cards that I had sold, had tripled their value since I sold them.

I’ve slowly built my collection back up over the years, and I don’t intend to liquidate again. I’ll sell a valuable card now and then if it’s one I won’t play and want to buy something specific in its place.


Aw, I live in Cleveland or I’d definitely participate. :slight_smile: I’ve been playing Magic since Beta, though not so much recently. I miss the simple days of 4-word rules on the card!


I started in Revised. Unlimited was still on the shelves, but we didn’t want those ugly black bordered cards! And God forbid we pull a dual land as our rare! Those were the worst! (We knew so little back then).