Packaging condition

Hello all. I was not sure where to post this since its not much of a problem, but I wanted to post it anyway. Our GF arrived the other day. Just a short 762 days latter. I am working on the “lean by doing” section now. I just wanted to share how my package got here, and might send GF an email so they are aware of it.

Besides from all three of my boxes looking like they had been sitting in a warehouse for months with the amount of dust on them, the boxes were in good shape. I was however missing one of the plastic locks on the outside.

Once I figured out how to open the box, I logged onto the setup site provided inside the box. The info on opening the box would have come in hand before I had the box open. We might have missed this site in one of the emails, but if we did not, it might be a good idea to add it.

This is where I found out that the GF did not come wrapped in the plastic bag. It also had no tape at all keeping the lid closed.

Everything seems to be working correct. The tray door opens and closes hard. Also the glass lid sits 0.055" above the rest of the top. Not much, but it is noticeable.

There were also two twist ties laying in the bottom of the box. Not sure what they were from. After removing all the important parts I finished setting it up, and we made our first cut, the founder ruler.

Looking forward to everything else we make with this. I just wanted to share some of the packaging problems.


It looks like the demarcations on your Founder’s ruler are skewed - assuming the underlying mat is accurately marked. The six “inches” on your Founder’s ruler seem to be spread across 6.125 inches.

I thought the same thing. I checked it with a tape measure and then again with some calibers and it is correct at 6". Looks like the cutting board I got the wife a few years ago is off.


Thanks for confirming! This is why I should never make assumptions :slight_smile:

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Camera/lens distortion.

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Congrats! (And nice ruler!) :grinning:

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Could just be viewing angle on the photo, too. Is it still off looking straight down at it?

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Glad you were able to work through getting it unboxed and set up. Awesome!

Unboxing info was included with the manual. There was a link to the manual on the last step of the acceptance that said … Your Glowforge is on the way.

It also had a link to the forum, tech specs, and Glowforge Shop.


Thats the one link we must have missed.

Well, there was a LOT to take in for sure! I printed everything as I went, as I was afraid I’d miss something.

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That’s parallax error. This is a perfect example of why thickness is so important for the Glowforge to show the correct size of the material on the bed, happens with any camera, it’s just exacerbated due to the fisheye lens on the bed camera.

Notice how the 3” mark is lined up. That’s right under the camera. The 0 mark is closer to the camera by the thickness of the ruler. Following a diagonal line from the camera lens to that mark on the ruler and extending it down to the mat you can see that it will hit the mat past the 17” mark.

If you look straight down on the 0, it will be lined up, but then the 3” will look 1/16” off and the 6” will seem a little more than 1/8” off.

This is why analog voltmeters have a mirror behind the needle. To get an accurate reading you visually line up the needle with its reflection so you are looking exactly perpendicular to the meter face.


The door on this machine is really stiff too, and every one I have seen has the slight bow in the lid glass. Welcome to the ‘Actually have one now’ club!

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It doesn’t need it. Notice that there are foam tabs that overlap the door on both sides. Those hold the door closed.

When I posted the first founder’s ruler almost a year ago, the parallax issue of the thickness of the ruler at that focal length got missed or ignored by many people. Granted, the ticks were wavy, but I had a hard time convincing people that they were spaced perfectly along the 6". I was trying to show its precision and people just didn’t want to hear it.

Way to go @jessicapittman914. Nice post and nice ruler!


I apologize - we’re rolling the bags & tape out, and we might have switched informational materials while we still had some of the classic packaging in transit.

Exactly right, and thought the same thing when I saw it!

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