Packaging Foam, like pool noodles... safe to cut?

I have a lot of packaging foam. It is 3/8" and 1/2" thick white sheets. Kind of waxy feel. Like pool noodles. I think it polyethylene.

Is this safe to laser cut? Does it become a melted mess? Settings?

Thanks for your tips.

There is some foam that’s fine, and some that will eat the interior of your machine - you’re going to want to get an MSDS for that foam before you try to cut it.

Sometimes they’re online - sometimes you can contact the manufacturer (they, by law, have to have them)


I’d assume NO.

Also, likely it will just melt and look awful. It’s super easy to cut with scissors or craft knife, so suggest using those hand tools–safer (as long as knife and fingers don’t connect) and you’ll get a lot cleaner cut!

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In general, EPS is considered safe and appropriate for laser cutting, but you need to ensure the material you have is EPS.


Usually pool noodles are made from extruded PE. I’m not sure that the material you have will be easily or precisely cut by any laser cutter.