Packing Acrylic - Shipping Orders

Hi guys, how are you? Im just wondering how do you pack your delicate mirror acrylic to send to costumers without scratching it.

I saw a picture online and Im trying to find out which material is it and if i can cut it using the GF.

Thank you


That looks like closed cell polyethylene foam sheets.

It’ll cut but might be melty (like all polyethylene). As with any foam be careful of fires, and cut mostly simple shapes as quickly as you can.


Thank you @evansd2 I’ll read about it and see if its safe, dont like the word fire lol

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I leave the masking on.

I’ve recently started cutting a matching panel around my actual shape and slotting the cut piece back into it. Then sandwiching between two cut sheets of MDF.

I always shrink wrap all my acrylic to stop it drifting about during shipping - bags cost pennies and my craft heat gun is enough to set it.


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