Pacman Costume

We demolished our kitchen and had lazy susan wooden discs that looked like pacman… so after some lasering and spray paint we made some great costumes for a family workplace video.

(we are’t going out or opening the door on Halloween)



Excellent repurpose there! kitchen remodel - Uhg :grimacing:


Completely empty now.


Well, it will prove to have been worth living in a construction zone for a while after the dust settles. :+1: Just takes a bag of money and the drive to get it done!

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Good luck with getting it all up and running again!


Hehe we did the demo! No dumpster just honda pilot loads to the dump.


@PrintToLaser you’d appreciate this…

Thank you @arh2


I look forward to progress shots of the remodel.

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I’ve been doing a bathroom reno myself - down to the studs. What started as a “1 week” project has turned into 3 and I won’t be finished for another week. Would have been killer if the kids were still here and we only had the one bathroom.

Renovations are good for finding your creative self. There are always so many surprises to be found and dealt with. They actually break up the tedium of the parts I don’t like doing (like the painting).

The trouble is once one project is done, you look at the next room and see how much nicer the renovated one looks and maybe you ought to do a little bit of work…I think it’s gonna be a long winter :smiley:


I hear that. I feel that. I just put in new carpet and I don’t remember it being that difficult.


As a huge fan of pretty much all Namco games (Ms Pacman being my favorite of all the Pacman games), I’m in LOVE with this! So clever and cute!

If you want to make your coin slot piece look cleaner, definitely pick up some orange cleaner spray or wipes (I prefer the wipes but thats just preference). It does WONDERS at cleaning up sap/resin and char from wood after its been lasered and it will make your etches look even cleaner and more crisp looking.

I also do not envy the remodel job. We went through a partial bathroom remodel last year and it too forever, we spent more money than we had budgeted and it was a huge pain in my keister. LOL


Too fun!!

Renovation always takes longer and more money than planned. :frowning:


Mahalo @melissa7 !!
I have never used orange wipes, will try it out.
All of the props, including what I thought the kids would use as a bank are now in the garage. Ah well. It is a great video.

@ptodd The kitchen is going that way. I am wondering where else I can set up the dishwasher…

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The rule of thumb for household projects.

you determine the duration. for example let’s say 1 week.

First you double the 1 so it becomes a 2

then you increase the increment of time to the next one.
so Hour -> Day
Week -> Month
Month -> Year

Year -> crying :wink:

so a 1 week project is actually 2 months.

simple really.

I am so glad our current house had all the bathrooms renovated before we got it. Go me!


Our bathrooms are equal in terribleness to the old kitchen but the kitchen is more important to us!

This is supposed to be a few month project. If it extends for years…


That’s actually a handy approach :slight_smile:

I finally got to the double it stage - everything always takes twice as long as planned. Longer if you take any shortcuts.

In this case I was removing a one-piece fiberglass shower/tub unit. Found out they had put the hot & cold water plumbing on the room side of the wall but because of the one piece tub unit, it didn’t impinge on plumbing the tub. I needed to move that back into the wall cavity. Then there was the vent stack in the cavity (again, no big deal because the fiberglass wall hid the fact that the vent stack was protruding into the room because you can’t run a 3" (inside diameter) pipe inside a 2x4 wall. So I had to shim out the wall studs because my shower tiling needed plumb and flat walls.

I had expected to need to re-route the drain since tubs & showers have different drain locations (although my new one is on the end & not the center like many), but I didn’t realize my hot water baseboard radiator plumbing had run through the back of the tub unit and would now be in my shower :frowning:



when in doubt… take a short cut.