Paddle boat

Made this small little paddle boat design. Made little paddles and a fishing pole with it. It’s flat layered too so can be made out of different thickness material for more or less depth.


What a great idea. I like the painting in the background as well.
Good Job!


Well, you won’t be caught up the creek without a paddle nor boat! Nice accent piece.


Perfect. Is it a project or just for fun?

That design shape reminded me of our cottage boat. When spending time there and night came, if I couldn’t sleep, I put a lantern in the bow and would row that leaky boat as far upstream as I could go, then let it slowly drift back as I bailed it out using a coffee can. Did that as many times as needed to wear myself out.
Years later I was taking a break from spring cottage repair and went into the village for a sandwich and beer. I met another cottage resident and we got to talking.
When I mentioned trouble with dry rot while caulking that leaky boat for another season, he laughed for several minutes. It seems that his parents used me to corral the kids. Telling a campfire story about a spooky guy who hunted children. Told them to always be sure to be back in the cabin before dark and not get caught.
Some nights they would hear my oars clunking and peer into the dark to see that lantern slowly heading upstream, then some time later, the light would drift back all silent like and they could imagine seeing the man scanning the shore looking for wayward kids.
It always had them in the cabin at dark, so mission accomplished by his parents.

So then, project or just a thing you did?


Nice story lol. This was just a random project, I don’t own a paddle boat but have been in some before. I thought of this based off a potentially larger related project I’ve been wanting to make (keeping secret for now).


Cute! Sometimes your just have to follow that urge to create.


I love it! And, @brokendrum , i love your story. I’m always telling my grandkids spooky stories. I love their big eyes while i’m telling them!