Page Holder

I recently made this design and batched out a few for trade shows and what have you. I used 3/4’’ material, but they were made with traditional woodworking methods. I’m sure you could cut multiples on the laser and glue them together to make custom thicknesses. (1.6 MB)

Here is the laser file I made, I hope I did it right, my home computer is down and I haven’t used my GF in months. (I’m sorry, the PDF was the only file I could get to upload)

LaserPageHolder.pdf (773.9 KB) (1.5 MB)
** is the modified file for laser.

Consider this design free to use for personal use and if you want to follow me on Instagram that’s alright, too. I’ll be posting stuff I make in the shop and on the GF to my account. Happy making! And if you do make one, I’d love to see it. Post them in the comments!!



Very nice! I could use a couple of those! :grinning:

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What are the outer circles for?

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I love simple little functional projects. This looks great.

Need a Kindle version next! (kidding)


Awesome! This has been on my list to make!
Thank you for sharing!



The outer circles just made it easier to cut on the band saw and reduced sanding time. The laser file doesn’t have them.


Drill press guides. He mentioned using “traditional methods.”


FYI only:
I pulled the ai file into inkscape and saved as svg. When loaded to the GF app it complained about “clipped paths”. This complaint had no practical effect on cutting.
I cut three copies from nominally 5mm material and when stacked with one turned over so that the cutter orientation backside was up, it was apparent that the cutouts were not absolutely symmetric. (one was turned over to get burned patina on both faces of the assembled object, not a big deal)

Again, FYI only. No fix of any kind expected.

Yeah, I used the line smooth tool on the arch over the center hole. When I drew it originally I knew there would be some imperfections from sanding, etc so that wouldn’t really affect it much (for me). I’d like to make a perfect one, I still may.

thank you I tried to make one on my cnc and it turned out but I like the idea of trying to do a layered approach.

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I thought about making an acrylic template and routing them, but I think the spindle would blow it up and it would be real dangerous. But I may make a tracing guide out of it at some point to save on paper and spray adhesive…and sanding. Always with the sanding…ugh.

What a great idea. I really like your design. Practical projects are some of my very favorites! Thank you for sharing the file. Very cool of you.

Oh, the librarian just went squeeeee! :smiley: My book club students would love these.


Thank you for sharing. I never would have thought of this.

I guess even on the laser pattern, you could just get lots of extra tokens for something…lol

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Very nice of you to share! Thank you.

What a seamless and functional design - my thumb thanks you!


Thanks for the inspiration. Since I was invited to a Halloween at the local library I made a few to give away. Mine were made with just think draftboard.


It started out looking like a bat-a-rang. I smoothed it out and angles the wings a bit more. I use the waste circle as referral token.



A bat page holder? That’s a great idea. I didn’t quite catch on to that the first time I looked at your pics. :upside_down_face:

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Holy cow. I like all of it. You’ve been busy.

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