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Hi! New to the Glowforge community! Just wondering if there is a place to go to pay for designs that I can sell? I assumed I would be able to sell items from the Glowforge catalog but have since realized that is not the case. Is there any other options that isn’t necessarily glowforge branded that I could go and purchase designs?

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OH really? I didn’t even think about Etsy but of course that makes sense. So there isn’t a central place for anything like this… just find the individual items I want to sell with searching places like Etsy then?

If you are looking for designs you can make and sell there are a lot of places around the web that can give everything from design Ideas you can create off of to simple ideas you can build things to sell. However each case will have limitations as they do not want to sell a design and find someone competing on Etsy selling their designs with someone else’s name on it.

There are places like that can help you create boxes but if you just made plain boxes you can find very nice ones for less than you will pay for the wood. To that point do you already have a retail outlet to sell stuff and want to add the Glowforge as another tool, or are you looking to get the Glowforge and create a business with it from scratch.

In any case a bit more information on what you want to do would help others point out help to get where you want to go.

that is a great question. haha. I guess when I bought the Glowforge it was to help with a business I already have. While I am able to design and create my own products it takes awhile and I guess I assumed there would be a central place I could go purchase designs to buy to then sell and speed up that process. Basically just looking to find a place like the Glowforge catalog but allows for commercial use. Does that make sense? Sounds like the best option for it is probably Etsy because I’m just looking for general files that could be personalized and sell for the holidays of different items.

You do mean buying a pattern and selling what you’ve made with it, correct?

There are loads of sites that show up in a google search, but be sure you read their policies–some may only allow personal use, but many allow commercial use with purchase, or some sites you need to purchase a higher subscription level to have commercial rights to use patterns/designs than if it were just personal use… (And of course read the details for the material type & thickness it was designed for to be sure it’s suitable!).

Affordable lasers are relatively new. Older, more established products like vinyl/paper cutters have a much more established customer base. There are many more “design stores” for those, and many of their files will work for laser cutting.

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Yep! ok great I will start the google search.

So true! Didn’t think about it like that. Maybe I’ll get my designer friends together and start a Glowforge design purchase hub!

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