Paid off my Glowforge!

I just have to announce something I’m excited about today-

I got my Glowforge back in March. I’m an independent artist/crafter by trade and started selling products I made with it.

As of a couple days ago I’ve officially made back the entire cost of the Glowforge!

I am really proud of this accomplishment and really would like to say thanks to the GF team for creating a tool that has become an invaluable part of my business!


That is awesome! Congratulations!

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ya know. as somebody that has barely gotten to use his… THBBBBBTTTTTHH (that is a raspberry :slight_smile: )

Seriously though Congratulations. My hope with Beamer is that he can help fund other tool purchases. CNC router etc.

if I ever get to use it. :frowning:


Any pictures of the work you have done for us to oogle over?


What were the nature of your ‘money-making’ projects … generalities are just fine if you care to divulge. Otherwise --> props to you for monetizing your investment.

For me … my time with Phantomforge is time my wife has to herself (as long as I give away all my ‘projects’ and they don’t stay home to roost.)



Congratulations! That’s a pretty quick return on the investment!


congratulations! well done!

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Congrats! Do you have an online shop we can shop at?

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Congratulations! The real achievement, in my opinion, is producing and marketing products in such a successful way. The Glowforge is a wonderful tool, but your talent is the true asset.


That is awesome!

Quick ROI, impressive!

I haven’t even paid off my proofgrade yet.


Nicely done! I’m on my way…

Well done!

Congrats! I’m hoping to use my day job loaner to pay for one of my own.

Wow that was quick! I should really get myself together and try and do the same!


Brilliant (UK equivalent of “excellent”…)

I am not a crafter/artist, but given the amazing capabilities at my disposal, I think I’ve come up with a way to pay for my Pro “and then some”…

That’s great! Congrats!