Paint Booth / Photo Box

I just assembled two of these PVC pipe frames

This particular one will be a paint booth. It uses a standard range hood with activated charcoal filters with a particulate pre-filter so that I can paint inside. I have ordered the adapter for outdoor venting so that I can attach a 4"inline exhaust fan to move more air.

The other one will have a chromakey (green-screen) backdrop and color balanced adjustable led strip lighting for project photography. Both will have a solid floor and turntable to rotate my projects. They measure 20"x20"x30" and combined cost less than $100 including lights and hood.


Nice! Another project idea.


I’m intrigued by your chromakey background. Can you elaborate on that? We take a lot of product photos but just use the standard white background. What do you expect to use the chromakey for?


Nice! Clever design. A nice portable photo booth can make all the difference.


A great way to go!

I found one of these (an old one) kicked on its side made a passable paint booth.

But a decent photo booth with good lighting has been much harder


hrm… you have me thinking about going to a habitat for humanity reStore to look for a cheap range hood (or just watching the reno going on down the street to see if they throw one out).


Heh, I wonder if you got the green one if it would serve as a greenscreen right off the bat!

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Here’s a pretty nice walkthrough:


I will use it mostly for promotions and products. I dabble with several different hobbies (laser, sublimation, airbrush, sand carving, photography, cooking, antique restoration, mastiff breeding … and more(not sure how long the “golden years” last so Im staying busy)) and just wanted a more polished way of sharing the photos.


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