Paint By Numbers?

Hello, lovelies! A client approached me today asking if I could do some paint by numbers stuff for them and I was wondering if anyone had material suggestions? Also I would LOVE to see some of your paint by numbers works (hence me posting this over here instead of the other board). I saw some amazing ones a bit back and now even with search I can’t find them. :frowning:

I mean people do amazing things with colored pencils/watercolor on draftboard.

Check out @quinnone2’s work.


Hello. The Made on a Glowforge section is for displaying works that have been created. I’m going to move this thread over to the Everything Else category.


Ive purchased some thin canvases from the Dollar Store that (someday) I plan to burn a design onto, and paint from there. There are software programs that let you create line drawings from your photos, and those can be used to for a fun design as one option.

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