Paint Infill Clear Acrylic Engrave

I am trying to Reverse Engrave a piece of cast acrylic (from Trotec Materials) and attempting to paint through the clear to get a multi colored image. An issue that I am having is that over time (still determining the time frame) the paint will go from bright and clear and robust to very faded and greyed. I am not sure if this is due to the paint or the engrave. I have tried a variety of material settings and different paints and seem to run into this issue a great deal of the time and I cannot pinpoint the cause.

Here are a couple images pretty close to right after painting where a lot of the paint looks good. It is starting to happen on the royal blue in “Rock and Amy” and also the small royal blue panel of the beach ball (it is the same paint).

If anyone has any advice or has had a similar experience I would love to hear.



You might need to look for paints made for outdoor use. Pigments fade and change over time, and the reds and oranges are particularly bad about it. I would think outdoor paints would have move UV protection built in to help them last longer.


It seems to be an issue before the paint is even exposed to anything. But, a tougher outdoor paint could definitely help! I will try this for sure.

I have been using 2-3 very thick coats per color… I really go through a lot of paint. I have also wondered if too much paint somehow could be an issue.

If you’re laying down thick coats it’s doubly important that they cure properly, are you leaving enough dry time between coats? (It’s usually considered good paint practice to use lots of thin coats instead as they dry more completely)


Okay, I will try to do that. I have either been leaving it overnight or for at least ~4-6 hours when the paint seems completely dry. Maybe it is so thick it is not completely dry throughout.

I don’t know if it would be possible but these folks sell a UV resistant epoxy that you might be able to cover them with.

Would you think this would be layered over the paint to protect it after it is painted with a coat or multiple coats of paint after it dries?

well probably best after painting.

To be honest. I have several of their products, but I have not gotten to use any of them. I am going to redo the bar and tables around my pool table. I learned of the UV resistant product during a phone conversation with one of their people asking about could I use it for tables by my pool. She said “oh for that use our outdoor UV product” I was happy to hear about that.

they answered several questions and appear to be very willing to help. I would contact them directly, let them know what you are planning on doing and I am positive they will get you were you want to be.

they have a vast array of videos on using many of their products and are very responsive to questions.

Awesome, I am reaching out to them now to see what they say! Thanks!

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If anyone has any advice or has had a similar experience I would love to hear.

I have the following link in my Glowforge acrylic toolbox, but I have not actively tried any of the techniques yet, but they look promising. Maybe it will help you.

The site is sponsored by J. Stephen Spence and offers a bunch of different ways to , as he says, Jazz up your acrylic jobs.,the%20masking%20still%20in%20place.

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