Painted surfaces

Can you paint a board first and then use the forge to make your sign?

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I’ve done acrylic paints with no problem.

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That is good to know.

@kittski did a really nifty example of engraving after painting with acrylic.

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Wow that turned out great. Thank you.

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Works well painting the acrylic and leather materials also.

I played with this a little and was happy with the results. Actually worked like a poor man’s two color. The paint did not etch totally away in segments and gave more depth to the end result than just a scoring//engrave would have

Be a wild one. Paint a little before, during, and after. (just joking but nothing stopping you either).

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This was a BB ply blank, spray-painted white, allowed to dry, masked, engraved, sprayed with color/speckle/drips, un masked (weeded), and finally sprayed with clear matte krylon.

Art credit to Dean Norman (used with permission; he’s a client)


That looks great.

Thank you, that looks great.

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