Painters pyramid stands

Saw these posted in one of the laser cutting groups on FB and thought other people might find them useful for doing painting/staining/finish work.k

you can stand them in four corners or they can snap together to make a sort of plastic pin bed to put your objects on.


Perhaps a great solution for no-tray cutting, too!


i thought about that a little, but i would worry about what kind of plastic that is any time it got hit by a laser running through the material. and somehow i don’t think there’s an MSDS that comes with it.

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I end up making my own by driving a bunch of screws through a flat piece of wood. I use 3 screws spread out over the base of what I’m finishing.
My reasoning for this approach is that I want the stand to contact with the piece I’m finishing as little as possible. The screws make for a nice fine point that is very hard to see when I throw on wood finish. I usually finish the bottom of the piece, let it dry and then turn it over and finish the top so it any fine points you can barely see.


For those who have a 3D Printer…


LOVE these for woodworking. I have about 4 sets of em and use em all the time when finishing. Never thought to use em in the GF, probably wouldn’t.

And sure you could 3D print em, or save a butt ton of time and just buy a pack of 10 for $5 at Home Depot.

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yeah, i thought about that for a split second before posting. they’re too cheap to not just buy instead of make.

these pyramids are 99% styrene or HIPS. small chance they might be abs. would not be worried of pvc at all . (I work for a plastic sheet extrusion company).


I saw these at Home Depot the other day for $5 CDN

These are trivial to make with the GF too.

Just alter a box corner with a few 45 degree lines, and instant pyramids.

Like so:


Unless you are really, really pushing things - you likely aren’t cutting without the crumbtray due to thickness (>0.5”).

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